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Private tennis lessons for adults

Private Tennis (lessons) sessions are the most effective option as they are fully tailored to individual needs. 

Looking to improve your tennis skills and take your tennis game to the next level?


Private tennis lessons might be just what you need. With individualized attention and personalized coaching, private tennis lessons can help you develop your tennis technique, strategy, and mental game, while also giving you the opportunity to practice with a skilled and experienced tennis coach.

With Thierry CASTREC's private tennis lessons, you'll benefit for individual coaching for players of all levels and ages, from beginners to advanced players. With his experience and certification he will create customized tennis training programs to help you achieve your goals, whether you're looking to improve your technique, prepare for tournaments, or simply have fun while playing tennis.

Thierry CASTREC provides face to face coaching with video analysis, to help you get the most out of your training.


His goal is to help you improve your tennis skills, gain confidence on the court, and ultimately achieve success in your tennis game.

So, whether you're a recreational player or a competitive player, private tennis lessons with Thierry Castrec can help you reach your full potential.


Contact Thierry CASTREC today to learn more about his coaching services and to schedule a private tennis lesson with this experienced Tennis Coach International.


Option 1

I can train you on your private court or hotel complex where you are staying, for a 4 hours per day 1 Week-long course, Monday to Saturday.

Price 3800€

Option 2

Tailor-made proposal for an à la carte, stress-free trip with 100% tennis (pleasure). 

You can choose you preferred destination anywhere in the world. And I will be responsible for finding the ideal location to welcome us. Possibility including other the activities (Thalasso, Spa etc. ...) 

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