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Welcome to the website of Thierry CASTREC, an International Private Tennis Coach!


As a professional tennis coach with years of experience, Thierry CASTREC offer customized and individualized tennis coaching for players of all ages and skill levels, from beginners to advanced players.

His mission is to help players develop their skills, technique, and mental toughness to achieve their goals on and off the court. With a strong focus on personalized coaching, Thierry CASTREC create tailored tennis training programs that suit the needs and objectives of each individual player, whether they are looking to improve their technique, win tournaments, or simply have fun while playing tennis.

As an International Private Tennis Coach,Thierry CASTREC is available for tennis coaching sessions worldwide, providing in-person coaching. Whether you are a local player or an international player, Thierry CASTREC is here to help you achieve your tennis goals and take your game to the next level.


Please don't hesitate to contact Thierry CASTREC for more information about his coaching services and to schedule a coaching session.


Meet Thierry

Thierry Castrec private tennis coach

Hello, my name is Thierry, 

A Sporting director for over 25 years, in major Tennis clubs across Europe, I offer you my exclusive services to improve your game level. 

Happy to be able to share my love for Tennis, whether you are a beginner or want to improve your technique, I can train you depending on your age and your individual requirements. 

Whether for Adults or Children, you will benefit from a personalized service 100% guaranteed. 

You are guaranteed to enjoy an excellent experience, a good dose of pleasure.

Classes can be taught in French or English. 

private tennis coach Thierry Castrec


Thierry Castrec


Padel Coach Professional Training

Esprit Padel Lyon, 2016


Tennis Sport Health Professional Training

Ligue Auvergne Rhône Alpes, Grenoble France, 2015

Professional Tennis Coach Diplôme
Center For Resources, Expertise and Sports Performances, Boulouris


Supervised by Mr Duxin National Coach

First and Second Degree Sports Trainer
Center For Resources, Expertise and Sports Performances, Aix en Provence,

France, 1981 – 1982
First aid certificate

Centre de Ressources, d’Expertises et de Performances Sportives, Aix en Provence,



  • Tennis Sport Director 

    • Tennis club de Thonon Les Bains, 2005 – 2020 ( 540 members )

    • Responsible for competition management of group young and adults

    • Obtaining title departments and regional

    • Tennis school administration 

    • Private training sessions for adults

    • Supervising instructors coachs

    • Collaboration with city institution 

    • Padel Coach


  • Tennis Sport Director 

    • Union sportif de Pontet, 1999-2004 (500 members)

    • Obtaining title departments and regional 


  • Tennis Sport Director 

    • Tennis club de Sandweiler, Luxembourg, 1995-1999 (230 members)


  • Mission charge for Fédération Luxembourgeoise de Tennis

    • 1995-1999

    • Training of players Luxembourgeoises in sight international tournament in Belgium 

    • Management groups and training of young hope from the Est Luxembourg


  • Tennis Sport Director

    • Tennis club de Thionville, 1992-1995 (400 members)

    • Supervision lessons « High level » and groups « competition »

    • Responsible teams Adults and Juniors level National


  • Directeur Sportif 

    • AELS-Birmingham UK, 1990-1992

    • Responsible youngers players french and English during tournament officials in the south of  England.

    • Program management tennis and leisure


  • Tennis Coach 

    • 4 clubs in south of France, 1988-1989

  • Tennis Coach 

    • Resort Larnaca, Chypre, 1984-1985


  • Tennis Coach 

    • Resort  Loutraki, Grèce, 1985

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